Glass Water Bong
Glass Water Bong
Glass Water Bong
Glass Water Bong


Glass Water Bong

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This is not your average straight tube bong, this piece includes a diffused downstem and a domed stereo matrix perc in the second chamber for twice the diffusion and filtration. Just above the matrix perc is an ice catcher that allows you to add ice cubes to further cool down your smoke.

Straight tube bong.
Diffused downstem for filtration.
Domed stereo matrix perc.
Fine quality borosilicate glass.
14mm female joint.

Color: blue, green (optional)
Main material: borosilicate glass
Item length: 12in
Joint size: 14mm
Package size: 31 * 10 * 7cm / 12.2 * 3.9 * 2.8in
Package weight: 551g / 1.2lb

Package list:
1 * Percolator Pipe