Titan 2 Dry Weed Vaporizer


Titan 2 Dry Weed Vaporizer

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 Titan II Dry Weed Vaporizer 

1. For dry herbs (weed)

2. No burning, no poisonous ingredients.

3. No need to fire up. Without any fire risk.

4. 3 Fahrenheit degrees adjustable with LED light: Red=360°F, Green=380°F, Blue=420°

5.When On for over 10 minutes, the vaporizer will power off automatically.



Battery Capacity 2200mAh
Size 138.5*25*26.5mm
Set Temperature 360°F,380°F,420°F Battery
Colors Black, Red

Package including:

1pc TITAN-2  Hebe body
5pc Nozzle covers
1pc Brush
1pc Micro USB cable
3pc Metal meshes
1pc User manual
1pc Colorful box

USB Charger: Yes

Appearance: Box Shape
Brand Name: Tittan-2