Large Hydroponic Grow Kit

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Fattys Premium Quality Grow Tent Kit is a portable grow space. An excellent choice for growers wanting a full sized legal grow (in Canada) without sacrificing actual closet space (leave the closet for your clothes, use the grow tent for your plants!). This Grow Tent allows you to create a micro-environment and precisely control temperature and humidity levels and photoperiod. Light proof construction does not allow for "light leaks" that can cause problems for your plants during their "dark" photoperiod for proper growth and flowering. 

Putting together your grow tent is really easy and the whole thing can be up in minutes. Poles just slip together to form the frame and then the skin is pulled over the top. There will be bars that run across the top that are for hanging your lights and fans from.


The  in-line fans have been specially designed to maximize Cubic feet per minute air flow performance while boasting minimal noise levels. The compact design allows for versatile installations and applications. The  fans can easily be removed for cleaning while the housing remains inline. The plastic housing assures sustained reliable performance in humid or hostile greenhouse or grow room environments.

The fans  have an operating life of 50,000 hours.


Advantage of our tent,

Fire and tear resistant

Light tight

Quality zips

Robust corners 

Strong poles


Cord ports 

Strong fabric


Big enough to grow 4 large Weed plants

Indoor Hydroponic Grow Kit

Kit comes complete with


 1x Large Grow tent: 150X150X200cm

1x in line fan.

1x Indoor LED 150w grow light 

1x 5''in line duct

1x 5'' carbon filter

4x Stainless Steel Clamps, 5''

1x duct tape

1 pair of hanger

1x Hydroponics DWC 5 buckets full system

1x Machenical timer

1x full complete 5'' ventilation equipment,