Vermont Legalizes Marijuana, Greece to Legalize Next Month

Vermont Legalizes Marijuana, Greece to Legalize Next Month
–Vermont becomes the ninth US state to legalize marijuana and Greece is working on an amendment to legalize medicinal cannabis next month

Greece to legalize Medical Marijuana in February

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Broadcast on January 24, 2018

Vermont Legalizes Marijuana, Greece to Legalize Next Month

14 thoughts on “Vermont Legalizes Marijuana, Greece to Legalize Next Month”

  1. Damn looks like I'm American also America first Greece second actually made Greece then 51st state of USA

  2. Greece should legalize recreational marijuana sales they might finally find a solution to their debt crises.

  3. David, Y
    ou must check out the "comments" on the WhiteHouse YouTube channel.
    Obviously Trump has WH staff filling the comments with praise! 

    "We love you President trump"
    "President Trump is MAGA !!!"
    "The best President ever" ………

  4. It doesn't matter who makes it legal in the US. As long as Il Duce and his crony sessions is around spoiler it's still illegal and will stay that way.

  5. Sessions and chump wants to roll back marijuana rules is because a black president did. Race, it's all about race with chump admin.

  6. I wonder this: Will any of those people who were convicted for cannabis possession, will their records be expunged now?

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