TRUFLOWER LEGAL CANNABIS info | strain: Sour Diesel | Florida Medical Marijuana

TRUFLOWER LEGAL CANNABIS info | strain: Sour Diesel | Florida Medical Marijuana
GO TO THE COMMENTS TO SKIP TO DIFFERENT HIGHLIGHTS/NOT WATCH THE WHOLE THING LOL | also, a special thank you to Max Reviews for the idea to try to show flower through the top of the cup. |

Hey guys! It’s my birthday weekend and random things keep popping up today so this video had to be a little shorter than it was initially going to be but w/e and so I have to stave off the terpene talk and some other ideas I had for today, ’til next week. Instead I have something way better. ENJOY

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And also it’s my birthday month so I’ll post cringey songs on my Youtube channel if I want to, if i want to…etc. if i want to

TRUFLOWER LEGAL CANNABIS info | strain: Sour Diesel | Florida Medical Marijuana

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    TO SKIP THE INTRO: 0:36 | |THC/CBD in this batch: 0:38| | 1:40 these are my confessions | 6:13 what does it smell like | 8:15 DO YOU HAVE TO OWN THE TABLETOP VAPORIZER TO BUY THESE?!
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  2. I tried that batch, seems like they filled it with shake. The last batch was 767mg. Not a huge difference, but it was bud, not shake.

  3. Hey by the way I am going to the dispensary today to pick up some more 1 g oil gel’s from Trulieve mess with the true clear do you have any suggestions on one to mess with I’ve tried them all except for when you called Clementine are dispensary for some reason never has it but if you have any suggestions on one g syringe is to buy from Trulieve Can send it right back to here and tell me which ones you like the most I’m really going to go get one for review so I am telling you today or tomorrow there will be a new review live stream come and check it out I will give a notice to you here where are the chat is at if that’s OK with you so you know when I’m going live I will also send it to all my Google and Facebook accounts to tell everybody that I am going live on YouTube to yes I have a bunch of different platforms

  4. If you want to find me on Google just type into the Google engine system type in Lizard Crew Dabba To the Google search and you will come across all of where I am at on Facebook Instagram YouTube and Google will show you just type it into the Google search engine and you will find all of my YouTube sites Google sites Twitter sites and all of my YouTube sites

  5. Go to the smoke shops in your local area and you can find those vaporizers at a lower and cheaper price

  6. Need to try a dog walker OG Kem dog 9 pound hammer granddaddy purple and all the other oil liquids you should try these or have you already tried him if so how do you like those certain ones I like 9 pound hammer and granddaddy purple and then I like a hybrid dog walker OG is my favorite and so is gods gift

  7. Yeah you can break the jar yes you can drop the jar and it will break I’ve done reviews for this before good job at The review I liked it you did a good job yes I do I said you can write the jar I didn’t up all my videos but hey you’re doing good I like your videos I’m going to share this one to google on Lizard Crew Dabba but it’s OK you don’t have to break the jar don’t worry but I’m going to share this to Google for you so everybody could see off of my medical marijuana side the right way to use medical marijuana thank you this is what I started YouTube for the right way to use medical marijuana and I found somebody out there who is doing it and that is you thank you I will share you to google every time you come up on YouTube your friend. Mr Green lizard Crew Dabba

  8. Thanks again for your content Ellie K!! No closed container full of bud for “viewing” purposes at The Villages location, just putting it out there in case it hadn’t been noted. Have a great super baked day! What was the THC percent on those cups again? I may have missed it…thanks!

    PS no a tree doesn’t make a sound 🙂

  9. That intro !!!!!! Loveddd it , And I have to compliment you on adding the Magnifying glass!!! Touché! Bravo! and encore👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. Hypothetically speaking, if someone were to purposely break and extract the "ground" cannabis from the ceramic cup, they could possibly hit it with a hard metal surface on the side to open a clear "Window" into the ceramic cup. Said someone would then be able to cleanly, with the least amount of ceramic debris, extract the contents from the ceramic cups.

    In a case where I accidentally dropped a ceramic truFlower cup, I saw that the exposed cannabis was ground in a very minimal form. Not ground fine in a way similar that a Herb & Spices would produce, but more of a "hand grind," or manual hand break down of the cannabis that seemed to then be packed in very tightly in the rather solid tamper-proof cup. As soon as I finished witnessing my damaged product, I knew there was an extremely low probability for return with exposed flower and disposed of the product.

    Hope this answers any questions for anyone wondering how actually ground the cannabis is in the truFlower cups. Also for visual on this, I saw under the hashtag of #trulieve or #truflower on Instagram could bring you to possibly see what appears to be the cannabis completely extracted from the cups and put back into the glass jar. I am not in any way or form condoning the breaking or tampering of truFlower ceramic cups, as well as the illegal use or possession of loose flower. I do believe these illegal pictures, however, show the exact same site I witnessed in my accident.

  11. Interesting…My batch of SD said it was extracted from sour diesel but the 9lb I got had a blank spot like you're describing your SD batch had…

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