The Institute of Medicine Report on the Health Effects of Marijuana

What did the 2017 National Academies of Sciences 468 page report conclude about cannabis?

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I take full responsibility for the puns (‘twas no joint decision :). Anyone care to count? How many did I make it up to?

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The Institute of Medicine Report on the Health Effects of Marijuana
The Institute of Medicine Report on the Health Effects of Marijuana

19 thoughts on “The Institute of Medicine Report on the Health Effects of Marijuana”

  1. Stop doing these fucking studies on SMOKING cannabis. You need to study the effects of taking the plant based essential oil of Cannabis (Rick Simpson Oil). And also the difference in effect of Indica varieties versus Sativa. Then we'll see some data. I'm tired of these half truths that inevitably mislead people about the ACTUAL benefits of this plant.

  2. If the government really cared about the effects of drugs than alcohol and fast food would be illegal. But money talks.

  3. They also need studies with people vaping. Because using a vaporizer cuts out a lot of the bad byproducts.

  4. Damned pharmaceuticals. As soon as they can patent everything in the plant they will come out about how beneficial it is! The three industries opposed to legalization are the pharmaceuticals, plastics, and the cotton industry. Because hemp can replace cotton and many plastics, and also lumber. We could be making toilet paper out of renewable hemp instead of cutting down trees!

  5. I will not trust anyone who does mind altering drugs, and I totally hate Marijuana!…..its such a turn off!…… I don't want anything to do with anyone who is into it or any kind of mind altering drugs, alcohol  or cigarettes or anything else that can  be smoked,….# 1 it really seems that Marijuana makes people dumber, so forgetful and # 2 men who use it always give the worst performance in bed, the are just so freaken weak! …and the smell alone YUKKKK!!!!! people who use that crap end up smelling like they got sprayed by a skunk……and just about 5 months ago my Friend was involved in a car crash because she got hit by a low life who had no insurance and was high on weed!…and what about all  the stomach pain complains of long time users in places where it has been  legal a very long time now…    

  6. I dont know how you come up with cannabis cannot be patented, Sativex is one patent, its already a pharma drug for years and now they are pushing towards synthetic cannabis, its the pharma industry and legislation run by industry thats kept it the way it is..this video is useless and not accurate. Fucks me how you call your self a researcher and have fuck all information..maybe its best you stick to making menus ..

  7. Recently, the Swedish National Food Agency warned against flaxseeds due to their cyanogenic glyoceide content. I suggest that communicates a science-based response to this warning immediately and publishes it here on YouTube so people can decide to continue or quit using flaxseeds.
    Thank you.

  8. I wonder if the negative effects discussed in this video (and negative effects in general) are because of the amount of THC found in modern day strains. Original cannabis plants didn't have that much THC, and they were smoked for centuries.

  9. Hello Dr. Greger! I am not sure which video to ask this question as there are so many, but how do you measure out a cup of greens? The actual amount can vary from person to person (how much you stuff the cup, hand size, etc) so I was wondering if there was an amount I could use with my kitchen scale for more accuracy. Thank you!

  10. Come on, the smoke is poison, the effects are terrible. Every person that smokes this crap has retarded emotional development and lack of moral judgement.

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