Police & Weed | Loaded Up Smoke Session

On this episode of Loaded Up Smoke Sessions we talk about weed and the police.

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Police & Weed

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Police & Weed | Loaded Up Smoke Session
Police & Weed | Loaded Up Smoke Session

20 thoughts on “Police & Weed | Loaded Up Smoke Session”

  1. Bro literally 1 hour before y'all uploading this I was chillin at some spot were we chill and smoke. So as soon we finish the sesh the cop just pull up and says "So y'all smoking weed" and then he ask for me and my friend address and name and of course I tell him "I forgot my adress" and I didn't give him my real name lmao. After he ask if I had anything in my backpack and I was like "nah" but in reality I had like an quarter on me and he said "ok" and let us go on with our day

  2. I've met a surprising number of police in training at parties and i don't even party often, it gives me hope that newer generations of police will be more chill about weed.

  3. COOLEST COP Story:
    2 days ago me and my friend went out to smoke, we drove to a spot nearby, no one was there, next thing we see a cop pull up really close to us, i fucking didnt have enough time to react so i just tried to swallow the whole bag of weed. i CHOKED ON THE BAG and the cop knew i was choking so he did the hiemlick movement shit and saved me. he took the weed and the bong didnt charge us with anything and drove us home lol coolest cop ever

  4. bruh strobe should start rapping when he was rapping in the studio i was digging that shit

  5. What's the problem, yall can't think of something on your own & gotta bite other people shit.

  6. somebody must have over stuffed that joint lol yall couldn't get that boy to burn right haha

  7. Why did the direcor put the Asian in this video. He was gone from the video they shot before this 😂😂😂

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