Photoperiod or Autoflower? Medical Marijuana Grow Documentary

Photoperiod or Autoflower? Medical Marijuana Grow Documentary
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10 Week Grow Series flowering Dutch Passion Genetics

Today we checkout the High PAR Optic 8+ and discuss plans for the grow.

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Photoperiod or Autoflower? Medical Marijuana Grow Documentary

19 thoughts on “Photoperiod or Autoflower? Medical Marijuana Grow Documentary”

  1. Auto flowers don't like to be transplanted. It stunts them every time. You should have started them in the big pots.

  2. Sent you a package Bro 👍 did you receive it? The MGK F2 are pinky purple, extremely vigorous frosty bitches and they smell soo soo goood!! Nice set up dude 👌😉

  3. Looks good man like your channel im doing some royal queen seeds super lemon and getting the cornbread from raredankness next. Thanks for the seedsman video ya did

  4. The small AVT was a stunted plant. She still we feed 175 grams dry. I never give up. 6big plants is the way to go under the 8+. Much love 💕 brotha

  5. Got 2 Digital Dream males. You know they used your fav from HSO to make that cross.

  6. Lovin that 8+. Growing some photos right now with the 8+. Love the set up brotha. Much love 💕

  7. Why are they stretching so much under that light? I would put the light closer they are stretching for light and there not growing because seedlings don’t need watering that much especially in pots that big were the roots haven’t spread out.And why buy shitty Dutch genetics when you can get elite cuts were you live.

  8. I haven't had too much experience starting seeds, but did you move them under the optic 8 over the weekend? Even though it's dimmed could it be too much light? –Can't wait to see some photoperiods! Even though you always do a great job with autos!

  9. Love that light, Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream is crazy. Good choice on photo's. Good update keep it coming bro 👊✌️😎

  10. Greetings bro, no rush at all……. just seeing if you did receive an email from me? Just want to make sure, as sometimes this MAC has a mind of its own! Much Respect ✊🌱🔥💨💚

  11. My plants have been doing the same thing . I think it's the weather changes out side being so dramatic this year . It must be the changes in the barometric pressure. Best wishes .

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