Cannabis users: Government is coming to TAKE YOUR GUNS

Yes, the government really is coming to take away your guns if you’re a medical marijuana user. It has already begun in Hawaii, where cannabis users have been given...

The Simpsons | The simpsons weed

The Simpsons | The simpsons weed

dog on weed Siberian Husky Dog Eats Marijuana Edible Happy 4/20! One of the fastest growing niches in marijuana is pot for pets. It’s not legal on a

Dispensaries Open Their Doors to Recreational Marijuana

On January 1, 2018, sales of recreational cannabis began for adults in California, which will make the state the biggest legal cannabis marijuana market in the United States. California...

Will Smoking Weed Send You To Hell? – Pastor Floyd L Scott

Force of Faith Rhema Ministry Presents: Pastor Floyd L Scott examines the age old question “If you died right now, would you go to heaven? Will Smoking Weed Send...

Ricegum Buying and Smoking Weed on Stream! *EXPOSED*

EXPOSED Ricegum Buying and Smoking Weed on Stream! EXPOSED

Illinois Judge Allows 11-Year-Old Girl To Use Medical Marijuana At School

Hung Nguyen: In a decision that may have sweeping effects, a judge has allowed an 11-year-old Illinois girl to use medical marijuana at school. Read more: Any violation...

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Girl Smoking Weed

πŸ’œπŸπŸ’š Girl Smoking Weed