Pablo’s Panama Red Cannabis Sativa Strain Review

Pablo's Panama Red  Cannabis Sativa Strain Review
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Pablo’s Panama Red Cannabis Sativa Strain Review

11 thoughts on “Pablo’s Panama Red Cannabis Sativa Strain Review”

  1. Hey J!
    Nicely done review, regardless of the title faux pas…lol 😉
    Love how ya descriptive you are, helps me to know which is
    best to choose when there are SO SO many to choose from.
    I LOVE my sativas, landraces especially, but it's that 'no ceiling
    high' that I strive to find! YES!
    I really like the mellow vibe the background music provides….nice touch!
    You're not looking too shabby in those fine threads my man, thou I like you
    just the same when wearing one of your 'Slave To The Needle' shirts w/ your gorgeous ink on display! 😉 …the bud shirt is a nice touch BTW 😀

    CONGRATS on joining the growtube roundtable, I checked it out & it was definitely kewl! However, I will always prefer your live streams & garden tours, personally.
    It's how we ALL came to know & LOVE you!
    TY for all the hard work you do to inform, educate & entertain fellow like-minded peeps & those on the flipside about this beautiful healing plant we love so dearly.

    Much Love & Light

  2. Really like the t-shirt under the jacket look. To me it is chic. The back ground sets the scene very well for this look. The gloved handling of the bud adds just the right touch of professional to this review. This is one of the better reviews of late. Kinda would like to try try Pablo's now. Thanks JJ

  3. if the joint goes out that means it was not flushed well. it means the opposite of what you said if it goes out it is not flushed if ash is black that's Nitrogen usually burns nose and frontal head ache, if the weed pops when its lit that's phosphorus, if the bud is properly grown flushed harvested and cured it will burn non stop even in a bowl if you don't put it out it will smolder and burn should be able to set the joint down for up to a minute or so and it stay lit.

  4. vintage panama schwag looks like some beasters strait outta mexico lol just givin ya crap I appreciate the strain reviews this one I would not have been as nice as you were with the review. pew wee, dooo doo, schwiggle, reggie bush,

  5. Have you considered vaping for your strain reviews? Perhaps if only for a better flavor judgement. Thanks for the content and I'd like to see that triangle kush you showed on Instagram a review 🙂

  6. You're making crave sativas! All i'm stuck with is hybrids! Well at least it's super dank and 100%organic 😀

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