Medical Marijuana Killed Cancer Patient! Please open, and post the link in your browser, and read the article, re medical marijuana that killed a cancer patient. Numbers samples that where purchased from medical marijuana outlets where tested in Northern California and were found to contain bacteria, and fungus.

Medical Marijuana Killed Cancer Patient!
Medical Marijuana Killed Cancer Patient!

14 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Killed Cancer Patient!”

  1. While I support legalization, this is a problem big time and it's due to greed. A journalist in California posed as medical cannabis patient and got samples from 50 shops. They found almost all the samples had pesticides. The popular one is one called eagle 20. When heated, it turns into hydrochloric cyanide. Colorado has addressed this issue, but California, no. If I did use, I wouldn't buy in California, that's for sure, yikes

  2. chemo then palative evil care kills cancer patients, withdrawal of food and fluids then pumped full of big pharma crap by the syringe driver eventually over dosing the body, gabe I've watched alot of your videos but this one I do not agree with, people plz do your research on cbd oil as it helps with alot with many different illnesses/diseases that the government's/big pharma deliberately cause to depopulate us, wakey wakey the government/big pharma don't want us to have cures because they want to keep poisoning us to make more money

  3. If our dictatorial government wasn't trying to control every aspect of our lives, this person could have grown their own marijuana, knowing that it was clean and healthy. Not a lot of real freedom left in America.

  4. I’m not a doctor but a nurse and just so you know there are a lot of theories are that CANCER ITS SELF A FUNGAS and ones body is too acidic. PS the FDA approves the flu shot and it’s full of toxic agents

  5. Don't go to shitty dispensaries that will sell you mold, or hay. Go to the 1's that carefully select who they buy from, and stay in business. Like 'Organic Solutions of the Desert' in Palm Springs, CA.. Top of the line products. Whether it's flower, oil, edibles, lotions (pain rub) with 0 THC, only CDC, or lotions (pain rub for people that have worked for a living at some point in their lives) with both.

    God damn, Gabor! My folks are messed up on this too. So sad. With all the murder, rape, and murder and rape of little children, this is what we're going to spend our fuxxking TIME WITH?!

  6. Its funny how people who dont know the subject are always ready to educate those who do. I will debate you live any time on it. Consider Yourself challenged.

  7. Not sure what's going on with you Gabe I've been a loyal follower for a while now, and think much like you do. Something about marijuana has you frazzled. You put a lot of effort and research into your opinions. With all the overwhelming problems being relayed or exposed to us daily 24/7 I think corrupt gov. would be the priority # 1

  8. Wow Gabe, Some people I knew were killed by alcohol, cancer, heart attacks, car crashes, hanggliding, etc. etc. etc. Think your part of the those people that should be limited to term limits. Maybe ?

  9. In a world of lies,a grain of salt. tobacco,alcohol,gmo food,fluoride & a hazmat suit requirement to leave the house

  10. It was probably all the other different treatments that they did for cancer that killed them such as the chemo and the pills we all know pharmaceutical companies aren't trying to cure anyone

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