Marijuana Monday OG SHARK MMJ Canada

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Marijuana Monday OG SHARK MMJ Canada
Marijuana Monday OG SHARK MMJ Canada

19 thoughts on “Marijuana Monday OG SHARK MMJ Canada”

  1. Don't smoke weed, haven't for years but I still like looking at buds like that and watching this channel.  Remo has to be one of the coolest dudes on planet earth.  I always like Brenda too, chill as she can be.

  2. Yo Remo as always I am loving the content! Quick question for the sage wise one. I'm currently growing Pineapple Express an Indica/Sativa hybrid as I'm sure you know the genetics. My question is on the trichromes. All heads are currently white & very opaque & standing tall & proud. Do I pull her now? or should I let some Amber join the party as well? Thoughts or any replay as always is much appreciated! You're the best & your nutrients are head & shoulders above the rest in my humble opinion:)

  3. Remo you got a really cool group of people, along with the smoke outs you constantly got going on. Keep up the great videos and show a few more videos of your current grows always love that!

  4. 1.Nice video
    2.Nice editing,but
    3.We love when you roll's damn near tradition..
    4.Staying tuned for more weed videos 😎🖖🤘✌

  5. I have a question ? I'm a first time grower I'm in week 2 of flower I still can't tell the sex is that normal?

  6. Dammit, the only reason I watch is for when you dump the giant half round pile in the paper.

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