Joe Rogan OWNS Steven Crowder on Medical Marijuana

Joe Rogan OWNS Steven Crowder on Medical Marijuana
From the Joe Rogan Podcast No.917 #PowerfulJRE

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Joe Rogan OWNS Steven Crowder on Medical Marijuana

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  2. homeopathic doctors prescribe herbs all the time although they seem to be killing their selves at an exponentially High statistical rate for that job

  3. Stop smok’in dope Joe! Full of shit like the rest of em! 💥 Tax your tomatoes 🍅 too! Get outta here! No taxing it! Not your fucking business! “High” off pot? Just dumb shit! Who put him on? Stay the fuck outta Canada 🇨🇦 by the way! Don’t want you! Or your kind! Sell out! Stay there or bring it to the ice! Again! You can’t! “RIP Ray Emery! Condolences to the Emery family!” Again,stay away! Asshole! Not welcome here! 🇨🇦💥

  4. I will give this guy my lymphoma and not let him have any natural treatments like turmeric any kind of herbs that will help your condition at the present situation or anything else. well played sir, almost threw my phone when I was watching this podcast bring Joe Rogan had this imbecile on there. I should have known you mr. Capricorn would make a video of this bastard.✌️🚬💖

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