Denver Colorado ☆WEED and EDIBLES☆ STRAIN REVIEW!!!

Denver Colorado ☆WEED and EDIBLES☆ STRAIN REVIEW!!!
EDITED It amazes me the amount of ‘lashback’ from the Nancy and Ronald Reagan’s that peruse my videos, and of course I appreciate the amount of accolade from my REAL supporters here! Clearly if you watch only a few seconds into the video, it’s a parody. Unlike most other ‘food reviewers’ on this platform, I don’t do this for a living. I don’t need to be here. I’m here because I like to entertain. If you don’t like to be entertained, then leave. If you don’t like me, then leave. To all of my supporters and lovers of the BIG BITES, I’ll be dropping a ‘regular’ food review today. Love, peace and hair grease. That’s a joke by the way, don’t report me.


After careful thought and consideration, I have accepted the overwhelming requests I receive daily to review Denver, Colorado Medical Weed and Edible Herb of several varieties! I visited my local store in Denver to pickup the freshest flower and edibles I could find! No, you aren’t hallucinating…but I am after this weed review! Cheers!

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Denver Colorado ☆WEED and EDIBLES☆ STRAIN REVIEW!!!