Democratic States Begin Gun Confiscation On Medical Marijuana Users

Pennsylvania and Hawaii are making moves to confiscate the guns of medical marijuana users. A Pennsylvania State Police statement on their website, citing federal law, tells medical marijuana cardholders, “It is unlawful for you to keep possession of any firearms which you owned or had in your possession prior to obtaining a medical marijuana card, and you should consult an attorney about the best way to dispose of your firearms.”
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Democratic States Begin Gun Confiscation On Medical Marijuana Users
Democratic States Begin Gun Confiscation On Medical Marijuana Users

19 thoughts on “Democratic States Begin Gun Confiscation On Medical Marijuana Users”

  1. This stupid measure does absolutely nothing as far as reducing gun ownership goes. The parasites at the top and their slimy minions are, as we can see, being reduced to absolute impotency. This is nothing more than an act to try to show us they still have teeth but does the exact opposite. I wouldn't worry about it because this flimsy legislative act will be defeated if not at a court level then certainly at an unenforceable one.

  2. Sessions is extremely loyal to President Trump…and at first I wanted to get rid of him too…however in the white house,Trump has few allies who are loyal…NO, MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL !!! But Trump needs Sessions … he needs his loyalty and friendship….I JUST WISH HE WOULD MAKE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER TO LEGALIZE COMPLETELY FOR 18 AND OLDER…. NO TAKEING OUR GUNS…YOU TAKE Guns from crack heads not pot heads big difference!!!

  3. Many of us conservative Americans are against the new pot laws.. But.. You damn liberal scum bags.. Keep your hands off our guns.. We will never stand for this..

  4. The problem is the politicians don't have anyone lobbying for medical marijuana , and the ones that pay them the most is big pharma because they know medical marijuana actually does help more than the crap that big pharma is giving us ,those evil fuck heads at big pharma will never cure anything ,there is no money in a cure for them , I know they have got to have cure for all sorts of shit but they will never give it to us. There thing is to keep you buying the shit it mite keep you alive but you have to keep buying it ,that's how it works ,they are the real drug dealers , I bet you anything if there where any lobbyests for medical marijuana it would be legal nation wide ,just like smokes and alcohol ! You would think they would be smart enough to give it a chance they are curing things with it in other countries in Isreal since 1969 they been treating people with epilepsy and it works they shared the discovery with the USA and we didn't even hear about it ,how many lives could of been saved since then ??? And it's a fact that in the states that have legalized it ,within 2 years the states have paid off money they owe and now they are doing all sorts of things with the extra cash medical marijuana has generated , but as long as by pharma controls our politicians they will keep poisoning us ,that's just the way it is always about fucking greed !!!


  6. State Police = Police State. FK OFF! Alot of confiscators should be getting their will and paperwork in order.Since they will be going horizontal.

  7. They are going to eventually have police kill citizens, so they can eat and house their family's. Go back and look at history especially the Jewish led Bolshevik Russian revolution.

  8. Could this be due to the large sums of money donated to the Trump campaign by the private prison industry. I don't smoke marijuana but there are many people in prison for doing so. We already have too many laws that only apply to common folks.

  9. Its too late. Pot has evolved to a liquid vapor. Its everywhere now.
    I went to a high class party. In the back there was a drinkers loung.
    Entire area filled with atturneys getting stoned with pen vaporizers.
    Must have been 30 of them. Its obviouslly everywhere. And who cares anyway.
    Fkn cops only due to fleecing the population. This is why cops get hated on.
    All the fleecing.

  10. Good. Doesn't affect me. I don't abuse drugs or abuse alcohol. Drugs and guns. Alcohol abuse and driving. Same thing.

  11. well I don't smoke the shit so my guns are safe for now but when time comes I'll be the one saying come and take them if you can

  12. People who smoke weed are violent but only to the contents of their refrigerator, what the hell do you wanna fuck with the guns for?

  13. The answer is simple.
    Revoke your medical cannabis license.
    Then renew your gun ownership license.
    Then call up your old dealer.

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