Blue Cookies Medical Marijuana Patient Strain review

Blue Cookies Medical Marijuana Patient Strain review
Blue Cookies Medical Marijuana Patient Strain review. Blue Cookies is a cross of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies. I very nice euphoric high and soft approachable smoke.

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I am a Washington State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my chronic Crohns Disease.


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We upload daily video of strain reviews, indoor grow tips, cannabis centric events and personalities. We legally grow medical marijuana which we use to deal with long term Crohn’s Disease/Colitis.

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Blue Cookies Medical Marijuana Patient Strain review

20 thoughts on “Blue Cookies Medical Marijuana Patient Strain review”

  1. I used to try and smoke as many joints as I could on 4/20 and just chill all day lol. It's a waste of weed but was pretty fun

  2. I've been smoking on this for the last two weeks I've actually mentioned in one of your videos it's very good for Crohn's disease and insomnia and lack of appetite so this one might be really good for you as you know I've broken my femur as I've said before I have a bar down my one leg and I had a hip replacement on my other side and I'm only 34 years old and the only thing that seems to touch it is the blue cookies absolutely one of my favorites of course being in the bay area it's very easy for me to get anything cookies but blue cookies has to be the number one for me right now anyways stay up JJ get healthy

  3. Great video JJ. That also looked like the smoothest strain you have tasted ! And your not kidding about weed helping those with pain and illness. I am an longtime Hiv survivor, currently I have been out of my meds, but I know I can smoke.and dull some pain and nausea. And I hope your feeling better. Sorry I missed last night, Have a great day.

  4. I haven't doing well lately myself JJ. My chronic pain is worse and I am finding myself falling deeper into a bad state of mind. Boarding on depression. I wish I could move to a medical state.

  5. jj, google belly aches on youtube, amazing selections…..and goole shit like, i dont know what to eat anymore, or health eating habits, etc..

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